Frequently Asked Questions


When and why did you start Badbams?

I started BADBAMS in 2015 as a creative outlet, and also a way to showcase my "style". Growing up, I was always camera shy and in a sense, starting this brand has been my alter-ego and helped me tap into sides of myself I didn't know existed.


Who takes your photos?

It really depends on the photos and the time period of the photos, but generally various photographer (friends) that I work with, but lately I've been trying to navigate the world of photography by myself.


Do you have any advice about starting a blog?

I think being original and authentic is single-handedly the best thing you could do for yourself and the community. Bringing your own voice and experience is the most valuable thing you could do.


What size are you?

I'm generally a size small in everything - tops and bottoms alike. In shoes I'm generally 39, heels generally 40.


How do we do a collaboration?

You can email me at: mgmt@badbams.com


What's next?

While I have many goals and aspirations, my biggest passion of all is serving the WOC and others communities in need and support. The way I'll impact these communities are in the works.

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